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1. You Never Say You Love Me
2. Just For Tonight
3. Lies
4. Yesterday
5. Maybe Possibly
6. Lies (Acoustic Remix)

  • You Never Say You Love Me3:47
  • Just For Tonight 3:11
  • Lies3:23
  • Yesterday4:07
  • Maybe, Possibly3:15
  • Lies (Acoustic Remix)3:23

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Blu Soul


Serafia embodies the spirit of soul music with her first original work, Blu Soul, a six-song meditation on the genre’s most familiar subject – the pain of losing love. It’s the soundtrack of heartbreak and redemption. Blu Soul blends classic 60s soul and R&B aesthetics with thoughtful, introspective modern songwriting and a modicum of hip-hop swagger.

Heartbreak and loss is certainly fundamental to the human condition and there is no better vehicle to convey this than a stirring, soulful voice supported by shimmering guitars, crisp beats and deep, sobbing bass. Born from the disintegration of a long-term relationship, Serafia pooled her collective sorrow and poured every stinging rebuke, every tear stained apology and late night plea for grace into her songs. What emerged was a painfully raw yet honest depiction of betrayal and loss with a hint of new love on the horizon.

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