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1. Touching My Soul
2. Waterfall
3. Just Do It
4. One Last Night
5. Just Starting To Love You
6. Freaks Come Out at Night*
​7. Higher (Demo)*

*Tracks 6 & 7 are bonus tracks that do not appear on the actual EP

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  • Touching My Soul3:26
  • Waterfall3:16
  • Just Do It2:48
  • One Last Night4:03
  • Just Starting To Love You3:11
  • Freaks Come Out At Night (Glass Candy Sample)4:14
  • Higher (Vocal Remix Demo)4:03

Touching My Soul

Serafia certainly doesn't put herself in a box and that is evident in her Touching My Soul EP release. In the album, we can vocally hear the Serafia's influences in jazz and soul, as well as in her style, but wrapped in a modern, break-beat, synth-pop sound. Her sultry voice allows the listeners ear jump between exciting, relaxing and insisting, while her lyrics take you on a sultry ride through love, lust, and female empowerment!

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