Touching My Soul EP Available Now!

"There’s still nothing quite like Serafia in Austin, but I’m starting to think there might not be anything like her anywhere. I don’t know EDM as well, so I’m not super-qualified to make that call, but she definitely connects new dance music with old school soul in a way that would make Daft Punk proud."

– Carter Delloro


All Things Eclectic and Soulful...

*Tracks 6 and 7 are bonus tracks are only available to stream nnline

  • Touching My Soul3:26
  • Waterfall3:16
  • Just Do It2:48
  • One Last Night4:03
  • Just Starting To Love You3:11
  • Higher (Vocal Remix Demo)4:03
  • Freaks Come Out At Night (Glass Candy Sample)4:14